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iPhone 5S ‘dropping September 20th’, iPhone 6 a few weeks later

iPhone 5S ‘dropping September 20th’, iPhone 6 a few weeks later

Business site names a date.

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The next edition of the standard iPhone will beat its much-rumoured low-cost stablemate to market, a leading tech business site forecasts.
Dave Smith, editor of International Business Times, has hung his hat on a September 20th due date for the full-fat, full-featured iPhone 5S. His forecast is based on Apple’s previous release cycles and supply-chain rumbles.
The more affordable handset, which be titled the iPhone 6, will join it on shop shelves not too long after, he claims, with a launch event likely to happen a matter of weeks later.
Smith’s logic derives from Apple’s habit of leaving 100 days between the announcement of a new operating system and the day it is made available to the public, as was the case with iOS 6.
Assuming that happens again (and it’s worth noting here that Apple typically very closely adheres to previous rollout patterns for new devices), it means that iOS 7 will drop on September 18th.
Looking once more to the last iPhone, Smith notes that it was launched two days after iOS 6 landing. If Apple does the same this time, we’re looking at a big bells and whistles event on September 20th to announce the coming on a new handset.
The mooted release of the cheaper iPhone 6 within weeks is, Smith says, aimed at avoiding “excess lines [that’s queues to you and me] at the Apple stores".
Fresh images purported to show the handset surfaced today, corroborating claims that the phone will come in a host of colour options and will swap premium materials for a more economical plastic construction.
International Business Times

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