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7 things guys are afraid of in bed

7 things guys are afraid of… in bed

 7 things guys are afraid of… in bedphoto courtesy of ShutterstockHere we are thinking that only women have a ton of issues that prevent them from loving their bodies. While that very well may be true, men have just as many hang ups when it comes to themselves and sex. Though most men hide it well, it’s a guarantee that most of them have one or more of these fears running through their mind when they’re in the act.
#1: Size
Though someone made up some phrase about ocean motions, and vessel sizes not mattering, there’s a good argument for the opposition. While most men have nothing to worry about, and they’re partners are sufficiently pleased they can’t help but comparing themselves to the tried and true beside manual.Like many other elements of pornography, size is unrealistic. Do yourself a favor guys, put the measuring tape down. You’re just fine the way you are!
#2: Body issues
Both men and women can agree on the fact that who we fantasize about and who we actually date differ. Many times because women are fantasizing about the cast of True Blood and men are flipping through Sport Illustrated for images of feminine perfection. Men worry about their bodies just as much as women do during the act. Except they wonder about a solid six pack and muscular shoulders.
#3: Sweat
Lots of fluids can cause embarrassment during sex, but sweat is one that guys think of more than others. Some men sweat more than others, and they usually sweat more than their female partners. Many men worry about soaking the sheets and their partners while their in the midst of coital bliss.
#4: Bodily Odors
There are tons of studies suggesting that pheromones, or the scents that you secret that are only detectable by the opposite sex are great for sexual attraction. There are also studies that suggest women love the way their man smells after the gym. Nonetheless guys worry about how they smell all over, all of the time.
#5: Duration
This is a big one. Guys will think of almost anything to avoid finishing too quickly. It’s a huge concern because men associate lasting longer with virility and masculinity. And while most women think that it’s cute that they turned someone on enough to have a quick session; who wants to be described as cute when it comes to sex?
#6: Bad Lovin’
Though most men like to think of themselves as a horizontal Casanova, there are many that worry about their technique. Jack hammering your partner or super sloppy kisses are a turn off. Though someone would hope to be corrected many men fear their partners are telling them things are great, and telling their friends otherwise.
#7: Pleasure factor
Besides worrying about being a bad lover, many men are concerned with being a great lover. Though many people have had bad experiences with selfish partners, many are quick to tout the ones whose primary concern was their pleasure. In most cases, men are concerned as to whether or not their partner is getting off.

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