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Affiliate Marketing Can Start Depending on Google

Affiliate Marketing Can Start Depending on Google

By Courtney Amberik

Google Plus users will have their information searched so that Google can personally cater to each user.  Affiliate marketing will find Google’s new feature a big help in locating their key audiences.
            As Google gets ready to launch their new social media website, affiliate marketers can get excited.  Affiliate marketing is a program that assists companies who want to reach more people when advertising.  This marketing system uses software that detects the companies’ key audience.  Affiliate marketing then uses social media advertisement space to spread the word on the client’s product or resource.
            Google’s new social media website will inspect the websites that its users travel to.  According to Yahoo! News: “The Internet search leader eventually hopes to know enough about each of its users so it can tailor its results to fit the unique interests of each person looking for something.”
Now that Google is importing results from their Plus social media program, search results will start catering toward its members.  Google Plus was originally created to compete with Facebook and Twitter.  Google’s rival sites would not allow it to browse through their members pages, making it difficult for Google to get a grasp on what search users would prefer.
            Google designed this new feature to connect the Google Plus users with others who have similar tastes in things.  “For instance, a query about the San Francisco 49ers might include links and comments made about the football team by other people in one of the social circles on the user’s Plus account. A search request that includes the name of a dog owned by the user or a friend might turn up photos of the pet that have been posted on Plus and Picasa.”
            Other companies, such as Bing, have been doing this same thing.  Bing has been filtering through Facebook in order to find out their user preferences and other shared information.  Google is expected to have greater feedback from this new feature since it dominates two thirds of the Internet search requests.  Ultimately, Google hopes the feature will be more useful to their users.
            Privacy concerns are not needed, as Google and Facebook alike have to sign agreements that make them submit privacy audits every other year.  Affiliate marketing users will be thrilled with this new setup on Google Plus.  These programs want to cater to their clients by finding people who would be interested in buying or using their products.  Google Plus users are expected to increase by at least 20 million users this year.

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