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Starting Your Own Business

Jason Proch – Starting Your Own Business

Own Business
An entrepreneur and business owner, Jason Proch wants you to succeed in the best way possible for your business. Check out the four tips he gives for staying cool under pressure when trying to get your start-up off the ground.
Starting your own business is scary. The unforeseen production costs, sleepless night, and fear of failure can cause so much stress that you talk yourself out of it daily, even after you’ve already started. No one knows this better than Jason Proch. Jason is the owner of his own business consulting and project management firm, Grandview Solutions, LLC. He is also the creator of the Game Glide™, a new ultra light deer tent used for transporting game. It wasn’t long ago that he was working for someone else’s company, and that his passion for fishing and hunting were just a hobby. Here’s how he took his passions and turned them into money-making realities.
Think Fearlessly. Too often the problem with starting your own business or selling your own product is that you’re afraid of the outcome of a number of different situations. Perhaps you won’t get the funding you need. Or maybe there’s someone you’ve been meaning to talk to that could help grow your business, but you’re scared that they won’t have time to help you, or maybe they’ll ridicule your endeavor. Stop that thinking right now. Start taking action on the things you know you want to accomplish today. When you stop fearing the outcome the actions won’t seem so daunting.
Act with Confidence. You aren’t always going to know all of the answers. Whether you’re just getting started, or whether you’re established, there are going to be times that you won’t be confident. But, fake it. It’s not suggested that you lie or give false promises, but confidence is the key to your reputation. If you believe that you’ll be able to hit your numbers for the year, or produce enough retail to continue to build your product, you will. When you’re in meetings with potential investors or clients, you need to exude can-do confidence.
Speak calmly. Stress and fear can have a killer affect on how you speak about your business and abilities. A “no can do” attitude stops with your language. Start speaking positively about your actions and future plans, and don’t include negative or
“can’t do” speak into your business vocabulary. When you start to speak calmly, slowly, and with more intent you’ll realize that you’re setting the pace for your own success, and you will begin to speak more positively.
Employ your body. Your body is you. And you are your body. If you’re feeling tight, stressed and clamped up, your body language will display it. This is unhealthy for you and for your business. When your employees and clients begin to see that you’re stressed all of the time, they will change their reaction to you, either by avoidance, or fear. Instead of taking out your stress on your body and your staff, carve out a little time each day to remember that you cannot run a business properly if your body isn’t properly functioning. Continue to do things you enjoy, like Jason Proch does with hunting. Meditation, brief exercise, and a commitment to allowing yourself a break will actually help your business.
Jason Proch is the owner of a successful project management company, Grandview Solutions, LLC. He is also an avid hunter and the creator of the Game Glide™, an ultra light deer sled that transports your game to your truck or car easily.

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