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Innovative on the Internet

Innovative on the Internet

By Lindsey Miller                                                                                                                                                                         

With everything and anything taking to the airwaves, it’s going to become more of a challenge to make your name stand out on the Internet.  It’s time to get creative.

            The Internet is creating a place for everything—music, retail, social networking, and a world of information.  That being said, it’s getting competitive out there on the World Wide Web.  Standing out in the pack and asserting yourself as a strong force on the Internet is going to become increasingly important.  Some helpful tips can keep you up to speed.
            Know what you are good at and what you are not.  Know your message.  When marketing yourself or your business or whatever it is that you do online, play to your strong suits.  If photography is part of your shtick, incorporate it in your website.
If you’re a good writer, use your words where they will be read on your site.  David Meerman Scott, viral-marketing strategist and author of The New Rules of Marketing and PR says for Forbes, “The Web allows you to tell your story directly.”Do not put something out on the Internet that you are not proud of.  Know what your strong suits are and use them to your advantage.  Others will only be confident in you and your message when you are.
            This tip is nothing new: people like funny.  What’s new about it is that the things people find funny are often changing.  By simply turning on the television, you can see what people find funny today.  Talking babies, for example, are the faces of several companies.
People poking fun at one another, or harmless jokes are also in right now.  It can be hard to find a balance between stupid and funny, but people are doing it.  Mastering that technique is vital.  People have always and will always enjoy finding something funny.  People remember things they laugh at.
            Send your message.  The innovation behind smart phones has made it possible to get emails to your phone.  People have their inboxes at their fingertips.  Why not put your message in those inboxes?  Maybe there’s some interesting advancement in your company.  Maybe you’ve got some breaking news.  Get it out there.  People are receiving messages more rapidly and more conveniently than ever before.
            The Internet is only going to become a bigger ring for contenders as time progresses.  Making yourself a strong challenger is going to become increasingly important.  It is vital that businesses owners and professionals learn how to keep up.  You don’t want your message or your company to get lost under all the others.  Your message should come across strong and confident.Make it likeable and get it out there.

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